Authors: Thomas Gutt, Hans Ehm, Germar Schneider, Prof. Dr. Eng. George Dimitrakopoulos

Title: Productive4.0 - Holistic Innovations to Open the Potentials of Digital Industry

Brief description:
Simulation is one of the most used approaches to analyze semiconductor manufacturing systems. However,most simulation models are designed for single-use applications and study a limited set of problems that are not reusable afterwards. Recently, in order to overcome this problem, the idea to develop a generic wafer fab simulation model has emerged. This paper proposes a generic, data-driven simulation model to evaluate and analyze a wide range of problems arising in modern semiconductor manufacturing systems. We discuss the issues related to the genericity of such a simulation model and the data and semantic integration issues faced by users.


Place of Publication: International Conference on Compound Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology CS Mantech Conference Monterey, California USA, 2022


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  The project receives grants from the European H2020 research and innovation programme,
ECSEL Joint Undertaking, under grant agreement no. 101007312

Project Facts

Short Name: SC3-Project

Full Name: SC3 Semantically Connected Semiconductor Supply Chains

Duration: 01.10.2020 - 30.09.2023

Total Costs: 1.99 Mio €

Consortium: 5 partners from 2 countries

Coordinator: Infineon Technologies AG