Authors: Friedrich-Maximilian Jaenichen, Abdelgafar Ismail, Christina Johanna Liepold, Christian James Martens, Volker Dörrsam, Hans Ehm

Title: Simulating and Evaluating Supply Chain Disruptions anlong an End-to-End Semiconductor Automotive Supply Chain

Brief description:
The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented public health and economic crisis. It dramatically impacted different industries, and presented an unforeseen challenge to the automotive industry and its supply chain (SC). We model a system dynamics simulation to demonstrate the behavior of a multi-echelon SC responding to different end market scenarios. The model results highlight challenges that arise for a semiconductor automotive SC not only during, but also after a disruption like the
COVID-19 pandemic: strong demand dynamics which cause substantial operational consequences. The model evaluates how upstream companies in the automotive SC suffer from the disruption in terms of amplitude and duration. In order to mitigate these challenges, a close collaboration among players in the SC can increase robustness of the overall SC during unforeseen events like the pandemic.


Place of Publication: The paper was published at the Winter Simulation Conference 2021 which was held in December 13-15 in Phoenix, AZ USA.


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  The project receives grants from the European H2020 research and innovation programme,
ECSEL Joint Undertaking, under grant agreement no. 101007312

Project Facts

Short Name: SC3-Project

Full Name: SC3 Semantically Connected Semiconductor Supply Chains

Duration: 01.10.2020 - 30.09.2023

Total Costs: 1.99 Mio €

Consortium: 5 partners from 2 countries

Coordinator: Infineon Technologies AG