One of the biggest challenges in distributed and complex networked business relationships is to find a common language for overarching, shared communication. Ontologies are an effective tool for this requirement.

However, working with and using ontologies requires close collaborative and cross-skill cooperation between different stakeholders (domain experts and knowledge workers). The SC3 platform addresses exactly this need and primarily enables the easy aggregation of distributed, managed ontologies into collections.

The centrally available ontologies of the SC3 platform can be transformed into different visualizations. From simple graph-based visualizations to more complex partial views or textual representations.

The SC3 platform is a community-driven project. We are looking forward to more users and new projects that can be collaboratively worked on through our platform.  


If you are visiting the SC3 portal for the first time, you can get a brief overview of the portal by reading our documentation page. If you want to try out the portal yourself, you should first register with your e-mail address. This will allow you to browse our test projects (sandbox) and try out the functionality with pre-installed or custom ontologies. To select the sandbox project, simply click on the menu icon (three bars in the upper left corner) and select "Projects from". In the list of all projects, select the "Sandbox project". In the sandbox project you can load your own ontology or select one of the preloaded ontologies. Once you have selected an ontology, new visualization options will appear in the menu for you to choose from. All ontologies loaded from a Git repository can also be compared in terms of changes to all other commits (Ontology Comparison).   By the way, the SC3 portal also includes a WebProtégé installation. You can use it to collaboratively edit your ontologies. This WebProtégé instance has been extended by us so that you can load your ontologies directly from Git and restore changes. Currently our extended WebProtege installation still requires a separate registration.  

Are you interested or do you have further questions? Then please visit the SC3 platform and / or contact us directly.  


  The project receives grants from the European H2020 research and innovation programme,
ECSEL Joint Undertaking, under grant agreement no. 101007312

Project Facts

Short Name: SC3-Project

Full Name: SC3 Semantically Connected Semiconductor Supply Chains

Duration: 01.10.2020 - 30.09.2023

Total Costs: 1.99 Mio €

Consortium: 5 partners from 2 countries

Coordinator: Infineon Technologies AG